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Cultural & Historical Heritages

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Adrian Temple Complex 6 Mirza Koochak Khan St, Jomhouri St

Adrian Temple Complex, founded by Some Zorastrians of India, consists of a few one-storey buildings, and a community hall of two storey. After passage from the main gates of the temple, and a corridor, one is lead to a rectangular shaped space, wherein the main building of the temple lies.

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Azadi Tower Azadi tower is today considered as the symbol of Tehran and even Iran.  
Dar Ol Fonoun 308 Naser Khosro St

This building is situated within the historic fabric of Tehran citadel (Arg) and follows the regulations of this fabric condition in terms of protected boundary. It is built on the east side of arg. The site used to be a barracks. The building was built in 1267. it has two entrances. The building has a central courtyard, surrounding at its four corners with two storey buildings and 50 rooms.

Chashme Ali Hills and Castle Cheshme Ali is situated at a 6 km distance from south east Tehran condition in terms of protected boundary

the hill is situated close to the Cheshme Ali spring. In the past it was known as Surpan stream. In the south of Cheshme Ali mountain, historical remains have been found. These hills evidently are the first foundations for the city of Ray. This hill has been historically used as a location for agricultural activities, residence and even industrial activities by various tribes

Eynoldoleh Garden and Building Yas Alley, Mobarakabad St., 5th Golestan, Pasdaran

the building is located in north-west direction on top of a plat form with height of 1.5 meters. The balcony surrounding the building is via ten staircase. There is a large entrance gate. After entering the building on both sides there are large ro

Gabri Castle Mostafa Khomeini St, Varamin St

The history of the hill goes back to 4-6 millenium BC. The castle has a defensive high squared mud fortress. Each exterior side has four defensive towers, and a clock tower. The squared towers are at a distance of 50 meter from each other. The plan of this castle is a square, approximately a trapezium

Ghavam Oldoleh’s House 18 Javadi St, Amirkabir St

It is situated in the northern part of the historic area of emamzadeh yahya and oudlajan condition in terms of protected boundary. The building has two large courtyard in the south and north. On the upper floor there are two linked halls, with two corridors and some rooms surrounding the halls. The halls have a high ceiling. The southern hall is completely oil painted. Presently the building is used a cultural historic research office

Masgh Square From north to Jomhuri St, from south to Imam Khomeini St, from east to Ferdowsi St

This square has various historic buildings with architectural values, and various styles.

Nasr Theatre 156 Lalezar St

Nasr theatre is built in four storey. It also has a basement. On the ground floor, there is a waiting room, a coffee shop, theatre saloons, make-up rooms, actor’s rooms. The first floor includes a balcony, and some administrative space.

National Garden's Overdoor 9 Imam Khomeini St

The building (Qajar period) has an interior and exterior façade. The building has three gates with crescent shaped vaults. Over the middle vault which is over the main central gate, there is a floor, consisting of a rectangular room with crescent formed windows.

National Parliament Building Ibne sina St, Baharestan Sq

The form of parliament building is rectangular. Two northern and southern sides have narrow columns with ceautiful cap plates. The south and north sides have respectively 36 and 29 columns. The main hall of the parliament is in the middle of the building.

Shahid Motahari School Baharestan Sq

The nave of the school are 61 by 60meters. From four sides two floors are built. The upper and lower floors have about 60 rooms. Within the four sides of the building there are four high balconies, one of them is pointing towards Gheble. The building is founded in Qajari Period.

Tomb Tower of Toghrol Ibne Babooye St, Toghrol St

Thoghrol tower, founded by Toghrol beik of Seljuc, with 20 meter height is situated in the middle of a garden. The tower is circular in form with 24 crevice. The tower used to have a conical dome, which was later destroyed. It was restored by the order of naser eldin shah in 1301, and then in 1380 by cultural heritage organization

the School and Church of Joan de Arch 19 Joan-de-Arch Alley, Manoochehri st, Lalehzar St

This building, founded by French missionaries, is situated in the northen side of the historic-cultural axis of lalezar condition in terms of protected boundary:Has an approved protected boundary. The building consists of two main sections, a school and church, belonging to different construction periods. The building is constructed at east-west axis, having two north-south wings, which gives a symmetrical shape.

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