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District 01, A District with Pleasant Climate


District One of Tehran Municipality is located in the northernmost part of the city. It is located on the heights of Tehran in a district of about 210 square km based on statistical data. It embraces over 433,500 people out of the population. Piles of finished and semi-finished buildings would increase the population of the district to the border of 500,000 people. This district borders Alborz Mountain to the north, Darakeh River to the west, Shahid Chamran Highway to the south and Lashgarak Road and Jangali Park of Qoochak to the east.


Urban Characteristics

District One Municipality is divided into 10 areas and 26 neighborhoods. District One is a mountainous place and has abundant orchards, rivers, valleys, watercourses as well as two major faults with a record of landslide. It has residential suitability (urban and summer residence). This district, due to its urban design, possesses a semi-village texture and can be called a 'garden city'.

Organizing the position of mountain lands and the mountains overlooking District One, reconstruction of old textures with an approach towards the city and protection of cultural and historical identity of the districts are among important projects of District One Municipality. The subway station of Tajrish has now become operational which is considered to be among important achievements for transportation development.


Political-Social Characteristics

District One is a place for congregation of higher education centers, treatment institutions, embassies and international organizations. This district since a long time ago has been the residence of public-state officials as well as international and diplomatic activities.

There are 35 embassies in this district such as Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. There are 11 hospitals as well. Masih Daneshvari Hospital is one of the most important hospitals located in Dar-Abad, one of the neighborhoods of District One.

It is said that about a century ago there was no effective medicine for tuberculosis and one way for its treatment was to hospitalize patients in a place with suitable climate. More than 100 years ago, when Mozafareddin Shah was affected with tuberculosis, upon recommendation of French doctors, went to a small palace which was built in a large garden in northern Tehran to rest.

In the year 1937 with the return of Masih Daneshvari, the first Iranian lung specialist from France, the place was turned into a center or treatment of tuberculosis patients. Since 1975 it has become a general hospital for lung diseases, especially tuberculosis.

The Science and Astrology Center of Tehran is another important scientific center in District One.

One of the major political features of this district is Jamaran neighborhood. The village Jamaran is located in west of Manzariyeh and its neighbors are Dezashib in the south, Hesarak in the east and Imamzadeh Qassem (Shemiranat) in the west. The area was for some time residence of Imam Khomeini, the late Leader of the Revolution and Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Cultural-Historical Characteristics

The most important natural, historical and social tourist spot in District One is Tajrish Bazaar. Imamzadeh Saleh, Imamzadeh Ali Akbar and Imamzadeh Qassem are also among important shrines in the area.

Location of the district on the slopes of Alborz Mountains and its superb position help it take advantage of the heights for sports facilities such as rock climbing, kite flight, grass and snow skiing as well as development of recreation and sports facilities such as sports fields, indoor and outdoor pools, scientific and educational entertainment like petrology, botanical, entomology and basic investments in the form of mountain hotels and parks.

Darband, Darakeh, Kolakchal and Evin as well as Jamshidiyeh and Qeitariyeh parks are among recreational and tourist places of the district.

The most important cultural centers of the district are Niavaran Cultural House, Jamaran Gallery, Mellal Cultural House, Saadabad Palace-Museum, Mellat Palace and Niavaran Palace as well as Imamzadeh Saleh.

The Natural and Wildlife Museum of Iran (Darabad) and Science and Astrology Center in Ammar Street are among scientific, research and recreational centers of the district. District One and Shemiran are among the most suitable regions of Tehran with regard to their natural resources and cultural and historical heritage.

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