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Middle East's Largest Tower in District 2 of Tehran

The most important feature of District 2 is its geographical location: a place in west of Tehran which has the honor of neighboring both Azadi (Freedom) Square and the green gardens of Farahzad and Evin.

District 2 was once a hub for green gardens and water rich streams but over the past two decades has seen a rapid increase in construction of new apartments and residential complexes so much so that its population has now reached 2.7 million. But this is not the end of the story: Easy accesses in District 2 have encouraged many settlers of satellite townships of Tehran to use this district as their main entry and exit stations.

Despite all this, District 2 can be considered a quiet place in terms of area and population because a main part of its space is covered by parks, large and small green spaces and highways which make it renowned in terms of urban access.


A District in Vicinity of South and North Tehran

District 2 is a rectangular area in the West and Northwest of Tehran. It begins from the western side of Chamran Highway and extends to the busy and traffic loaded Jenah Street (as well as its extension to Ashrafi Esfahani Street). On the southern side, District 2 extends upward from the north of Azadi Street till the foot of Evin and Farahzad valleys where Niayesh Highway draws a hypothetical line between the district and District 19. The main neighborhoods in District 2 are Aryashahr, Shahrara, Gisha, Shahrake Jandarmeri, Shahrake Gharb, Saadatabad, Farahzad, Tarashr, Towhid, Sattar Khan… They either have a historical bond with Tehran or are among newly built districts of the capital city.


Sightseeing Attractions in District 2

There are some weird names in District 2, so weird to guests and strangers that even make their spelling very difficult: Gisha, Tarasht, Daryan Nou… are just some in the list. These are recreational and tourist spots whose names somehow link the history of this region to the distant past and to the present as well.

Tarasht for example is a neighborhood where you can find traces of old gardens. This neighborhood, according to historical documents is a village remaining from the Seljuk era. It was created around the tomb of Sheikh Abdollah Tarashti (Douristi), a Shia scholar. The tomb and its park are still among the most important tourist attractions in District 2.

For those interested in natural tourism, District 2 has another park called 'Nahjul Balagha' which is located in Farahzad valleys and offers tourists quiet and entertainment at a green and attractive spot. Pardisan Park which is one of the most authentic parks of Tehran is also located in District 2. The interesting thing about Pardisan is that it displays a selected nature from Tehran and other Iranian cities. Pardisan is the only park in the heart of Tehran where kids can see lions, wolves and other mammals.


Milad Tower: Symbol of Tehran

If we acknowledge that Milad Tower is the main symbol of the capital city, then District 2 is the same place on whose hills stands the nearly 500 meter long tower. In recent years, the Tower has attracted numerous visitors from the city and has also become a main tourism hub for domestic and foreign guests.

Milad Tower is also host to a many Pop music concerts as well as national and international forums and conferences. Beside Milad Tower stands Milad Hospital which is the largest insurance hospital in the country. The two sites receive more and more visitors compared to other districts in Tehran and this is the distinguishing feature of District 2.


Economy: New Fashion

The economic pulse of District 2 beats in Shahrake Gharb, Sadeqiyeh Square and Gisha. A main part of these neighborhoods has been allocated to diversified shopping mulls and centers. These centers in addition to transactions in common clothing play a key role in introducing modern and fashion outfits.

Nonetheless, the economy of District 2 has a different characteristic compared to other districts of Tehran, namely its local streets are the gathering place of people who love eating out. Sattar Khan, for instance, is one of the most famous streets where you can find a variety of restaurants offering traditional and foreign foods and snacks. Some of these restaurants and shops in this district are so famous among Tehran residents that attract many families from throughout the city.

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