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District 03, The Green District of the Capital


District 3 located in north of Tehran, is still one of the largest districts of the capital city. It extends from northeast of the city to the westernmost parts of Tehran. Occupying an area of more than 3,000 hectares in the northern wing of the capital city, District 3 enjoys pleasant weather. From north it leads to Shahid Chamran, Shahid Modares and Ayatollah Sadr expressways; from east to Pasdaran Avenue and part of Shariati Avenue; from south to Resalat and Hemmat Highways; and from west to Shahid Chamran Highway.


Urban Features

A major portion of District 3 has a semi-rural fabric such as Vanak Village (Dehe Vanak) in the west of the District and Ekhtiariyeh which is a remnant from Tehran's old villages. The rest of District 3 has an urban and administrative structure.

Among famous residential areas in this District mention can be made of Darrous, Qolhak, Ekhtiariyeh, Dowlat, Zarrab Khaneh and Jordan. But beside these neighborhoods dwelled by rich people, the urban fabric of District 3 is resided by people who are regarded the middle class of Tehran. District 3 has been built on the northern hills of the capital city and the difference in height between District 3 and the southern parts of Tehran within Abbas-abad hills which is the meeting point of a number of important highways, is visible.

District 3 has 6 areas and 11 neighborhoods. Due to its small number of neighborhoods and area, District 3 has expansive neighborhoods and areas such as Ekhtiariyeh, Darrous and even Qolhak where the land price is high.


Political and Social Features

A main portion of the space in District 3 is occupied by administrative buildings, government institutions and private companies. The rest comprise green spaces which are regarded the lungs of the city. These key buildings including ministries and important public and private firms attract a high number of citizens every day. For the same reason, District 3 has enveloping access highway-wise and has been equipped by the Tehran Municipality with bus and taxi terminals. A number of subway stations have also been dedicated to this District and become operational making transportation easier than the past.

Tehran International Exhibition and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) are the main strategic locations in District 3. They are a place to hold numerous important national assemblies in various social, cultural and economic fields. They are also considered green and vacant spaces in the city which have also helped ease traffic engineering in the heart of Tehran. A major portion of foreign embassies and diplomatic missions is located in District 3. There are 69 locations in this District which have the biggest volume of communication with the outside world.


Cultural and Historical Features

The wide green space in District 3 attracts the residents of Tehran from throughout the city to flood its recreational centers and parks. Among the famous parks of District 3 mention can be made of Mellat, Taleqani, Abo Atash, and Women's parks. The last two parks are somehow exclusive parks.

There are three important Imamzadehs (shrines) which attract many people from Tehran. They are Imamzadeh Esmail (AS) in Zargandeh, Shariati Avenue; and Imamzadehs Qazi al-Saber (AS) and Ali ibn Mohammad (AS) both of which are located in the old neighborhood of Dehe Vanak.

Holy Defense Garden Museum which has been commissioned in recent years is one of the most distinctive museums of the capital city located in District 3. The closeness of the museum to Taleqani Park and the subway station on the one hand, and its vicinity to a number of main highways of the capital city brings in a big number of visitors to the museum on special occasions of the year. It is a unique museum in the Middle East and a manifestation of the values of the Sacred Defense (Iraqi war against Iran). District 3 has another museum called Water Garden Museum located in Yakhchal Street.

Arasbaran Cultural House is one of the oldest houses in Tehran located in District 3. It has been the origin of modern arts and the birth place of many artists of today. Among other cultural centers in District 3 mention can be made of Allamah Amini and Ostad Shahriyar libraries. Enqelab Sports Complex is another recreational and entertainment attraction located in District 3 which is unique in the capital city.

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