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District 5, Clean, Green, Smooth

District 5 of Tehran Municipality is located in northwest of the capital. The northern part of this municipal district is located on the height of the western slopes of Alborz Mountains and its southern part is in the neighborhood of Karaj Special Road. District 5 has a population of about 700 thousand people and due to its high migration capacity it is known as the “development zone of Tehran”. This district is limited to Kan River and lands of District 22 in ​​the west and to Mohammad Ali Jenah and Ashrafi Esfahani highways in the east.


Urban Characteristics

District 5 consists of 7 areas and 9 neighborhoods. The 60 km span of this district starts from Alborz Mountains up to the central parts such as Sadeqiyeh Square. Adjoining the foothills of Alborz has resulted in prevalence of cold and mountainous weather in the northern areas. Furthermore, the green space of the two important parts – Koohsaar and Eram – has provided the region with a moderate and relatively clean air to such an extent that the more we approach the east and south of the area this moderation would be reduced.

Despite the fact that this part of Tehran in the past used to be a cluster of villages neighboring Kan, in recent decades it has been faced with growing construction of residential units so that presently a major part of residential townships of Tehran are located in this district.

District 5 shoulders the heaviest traffic burden due to hosting three Hakim, Hemmat and Karaj highways. Meanwhile, north-south highways of the area are rendering traffic services to a major part of the city; such as Shahid Bakeri and Sattari highways. This district with several subway stations as well as bus and taxi terminals is the main gate for entrance of passengers from west of Tehran into the city.


Social Characteristics

Marketplaces in this district are among the most important social and economic indicators of the region. There are a number of chain stores and most favored stores of the capital in this district among which Hyper Star and Shahrvand could be cited. Shahrvand store has a number of branches in populated areas such as Sadeqiyeh Square, Azadi and Poonak.

On the other hand, this district has been turned into an academic axis of Tehran due to accumulation of universities such as the Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Unit, several Payam-e Noor and University of Applied Science and Technology branches.

District 5 also hosts the largest sports complex in the country, i.e. Azadi Sports Complex and would be turned to the most sensitive part of the country on days of derby and international plays.


Cultural and Historical Characteristics

As history testifies, District 5 due to its good climatic condition thanks to the orchards on the riverbank of Kan River is a famous place for residents of the capital. This is to such an extent that some places of pilgrimage in the region are considered its identity-history elements.

District 5 has placed the largest number of religious sites such as 12 Imamzadeh the major part of which are located in Kan neighborhood. Shrines of Jafar, Hamideh Khatoun, Seyyed Mohammad Reza, Shoayb, Aqeel, Alaeddin, Emadedin, Qassem, Ka’ble Hossein, Mohammad and Mahmoud all are located in this district and many residents of the capital pay pilgrimage to these sites.

The most famous neighborhoods of District 5 are Farahzad, Kan and Sooleqan, Bagh-e Feyz, Poonak, Shahran, Ariya-Shahr and Ekbatan. Some parts of the district, such as Farahzad and Kan and Sooleqan due to their natural fabric and weather conditions have since the past been used as summer resorts of the capital city.

Meanwhile, two main parks in this district, Eram Park and Koohsaar Forest Park, are considered major recreational areas. Eram Park has hosts the oldest and most famous fun fair and zoo of the Tehran. Meanwhile, the Wander Land, a roofed fun fair is located in this district.

The district has also a special status in the capital in terms of sports to such an extent that at least 50 small and big sports clubs are located there with a remarkable span of water sports and even ski tracks!

Tamashagah Pool (Money) and Enqelab(Revolution) Museums are among the sightseeing of District 5.  Tamashagah Pool Museum is located on Karaj Highway in Park Eram neighborhood. The Revolution Museum is located in lower level of Azadi Square.

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