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District 9, the Runway for Flights over Iranian Skies

District 9 of Tehran Municipality with 80 square kilometers span, is a marginal area located in the west end of the metropolitan Tehran. It has a population of 450 thousand people. This district has 13 neighborhoods with 50 thousand households and 5 areas.

With a span of 19.6 square kilometers, the district houses a population of over 165,903 people who are mostly residents of Hashemi, Shamshiri, Shahid Dastgheib, Mehrabad and Simetri Jey neighborhoods. Mehrabad Airport, one of Iran's most important airports where all domestic flights are conducted, and Azadi Square which is the historical symbol of Tehran are located in this district.


Urban Characteristics

District 9 is limited to Azadi Avenue and Karaj Special Road in the north, to Fath Highway and Chehelopanj Metri Zarand route in the south, to Shahidan Street, Sadat Street in the east and to the Kan watercourse in the west.

In fact this district borders Districts 2 and 5 in the north, Districts 17 and 18 in the south, Karaj in the west and District 10 in the east. The district has two areas which are within the urban limit with a population of 47,737 households.

Meanwhile, study of environmental experts also suggests that this district used to have 20 garden parks with a total span of 76.5 hectares of green space which also include afforestation. The per capita green space in this district (with the consideration of public and private green spaces) is 17.8 square meters.


Cultural and Social Characteristics

One of the most significant features of this district is Azadi Square and Tower which is among symbols of Tehran and a reminder of the largest gatherings in the country, especially in the peak days of culmination of the Islamic Revolution. It is one of the great attractions of this district.

Azadi Square is one of Iran's most important squares which is known as the symbol of Tehran. Many tourists and those who come to Tehran would take a photo at this tower and this has encouraged many old photographers to take memorial pictures of the passengers.

Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran was constructed in the calendar year 1317 (1938-39). The airport is located in this district. The airport is situated in the western part of Iran and has taken its name from Mehrabad village which used to be in that district in the past.

Among other significant features of this district mention can be made of Ayatollah Saeedi Highway and Shastopanj Metri Fath route in west of Tehran which operate as two vital arteries of the city of Tehran.

Azari Street, Northern and Southern Mehrabad, Simetri 30, Yaftabad, Bistmetri  Shamshiri, Bistoyek Metri Jey, Ostad Moein Boulevard and Saveh Bridge could be referred to as neighborhoods in this district.

Kaar and Rooyesh cultural centers, Shamshiri, Parvaz and Mehrabad houses of culture, Iransara Cultural-Artistic Complex, Azadi Square and Eastern Side of Azadi Tower Cultural Complex as well as Shahid Amir Kashan Library are among the most important cultural centers in this district.

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