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District 10, the Densest District in Tehran

District 10 of Tehran Municipality is located in the western part of the capital and borders Districts 17, 11, 9 and 2. This district has a span of 807 hectares and houses a population of about 340 thousand people which, with regard to the density of 420 persons per hectare, is among the most populated districts in Tehran. Jeyhoun Street which is one of the oldest streets in Tehran is located in this district.


Urban Characteristics

This district has 3 areas and 10 old neighborhoods among which the most important are Salsabil, Beryanak, Hesam-ed Din and Qasr-ul Dasht. This district with a history record of over 80 years is limited to Azadi Street in the north, to Shahid Navvab Safavi Highway in the east, to Qazvin Street in the south and to Shahidan, Hormouzgan and Padegan-e Jey in the west. This district is the most populous region in Tehran. The oldest neighborhood in the district dates back to the calendar year 1304 (1925-26) and the newest to 1353 (1974-75).


Social-Cultural Characteristics

District 10 is considered one of the most congested areas in Tehran. Some medical supplies could be found in this district and in Jomhuri Street which is leading to it. There is a street in this district called “Dampezeshki” which is named after the first veterinary faculty constructed in this street. This faculty is still one of the most active centers in veterinary area.

District 10 has several culture houses and libraries. Attar and Quran culture houses,  Qazvin House of Culture, Traffic Training Park, Citizens Culture House, Towhid Culture House, E’temad Culture-Arts Complex, Haft Chenar and Attar Neishabouri libraries and Eqbali Martyrs Museum are among cultural centers in this district.


Historical Characteristics

Area 10 is located just in the middle of historical streets of Tehran – Azadi, Qazvin, Jeyhoun, and Imam Khomeini streets. Jeyhoun Street is one of the oldest streets which used to be known as Lashkari Warrant Officer Street in the past. This street is located in District 10 of Tehran Municipality on north-south direction and begins from Azadi Street.

Jeyhoun Street intersects with high-traffic old streets such as Dampezeshki, Hashemi, Sepah, Malek Ashtar, Mortazavi and Komeil which makes the traffic complicated at the intersections.

Parts of Imam Khomeini Avenue which is located in the old citadel of the capital and dates back to the Qajar era pass through this street.

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