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District 13, from Horse Racing to Flying

District 13 of Tehran Municipality is situated in the east end of Tehran just in the neighborhood of Districts 7 and 12 which are considered old districts of the capital city. On the other hand, this district in the east neighbors Sorkhe-Hesr Forest which is among the most important parks in Tehran. In this district and in an area of 1283 hectares close to three million people are residing. However, the district has been categorized among Tehran’s special areas rather than a residential quarter since a major part of it falls at an Air Force garrison.

Urban Characteristics

District 13 has 4 areas and 13 neighborhoods. Of course in this division the space occupied by the Air Force garrison has not been included because its administration is not under the Urban Management of Tehran. A large part of the land in this district is at the disposal of military garrisons.

Furthermore, District 13 has been turned into a place for location of some workshop and industrial applications such as wood industry, as well as small and large industrial workshops. However, the district is among locations in Tehran with pleasant climate due to presence of the large Sorkhe-Hesar Park which is visited in all seasons of the year.

One of the basic points in this district is the east bus terminal which is located at the end of its triangle. A large number of passengers arrive in Tehran or leave the city through this terminal and for this reason all through day and night its surrounding area is dynamic and busy.


Political, Social Characteristics

Major neighborhoods in this district are “Tehran-No”, “Damavand”, “Qassem-Abad” and “Niroy-e Havaei” which are among the main residential quarters in Tehran.

In these neighborhoods locations such as “Safa”, “Emamat”, “Parastar”, “Niroy-e Havaei”, “Mohassel” and “Piroozi” are more famous than others so much so that the last three are among the expensive quarters in this district. Meanwhile, “Safa” with its old streets, is reminiscent of the past years. Joy of life is obvious in these old and famous neighborhoods so that each neighborhood has a small bazaar of its own and people are well familiar with their fellow residents in each neighborhood. On the other hand, welfare and urban services have found their way into this district of Tehran and improvement in facilities has further encouraged people to stay in that part of the capital city.

In the central part of the district “Dowshan Tappeh” garrison is located which is one of the oldest barracks in Tehran and is as old as other garrisons in Tehran such as Eshrat Abad and Qaleh Morghi.

In the east, District 13 is limited to Shahid Dowran Highway which embraces an important complex of barracks of Tehran such as 01 and 02 training camps. In this district, Tehran Municipality in addition to administering its urban affairs is involved in a number of other duties such as taking care of floodways which have covered throughout the eastern part of the district; floodways such as Jajroud and Manouchehri which have been revived following recent reorganization.


Cultural and Historical Characteristics

Historical sites and monuments in this district could only be found in the western side as it had been closer to the old Tehran and subjected to construction activities of the past century in the vicinity of Shahbaz (the present 17th Shahrivar) neighborhood.

Among famous buildings of the district the “Regional Electricity Company” and the Munitions Factory could be cited which are among the architectures of the First Pahlavi Era.

District 13, despite being younger than other neighboring areas, has several important industrial museums such as the Museum of Power Industry and Air Force Museum.

Moreover, District 13 houses the Museum of Shahid (Mohammad Ali) Rajaei which was formerly the residence of the martyred former president of the Islamic Republic of Iran (killed in a terrorist operation).

The archaeological sites and monuments of this district could be found on the margin of the crowded Piroozi Street. There are two most beautiful buildings of Piroozi and Farabi hospitals and on the other hand Sorkhe Hesar Palace which is located in the neighborhood of Asbdavani (horse riding) Highway which are not very suitable for public visits.

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