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Municipality Organization
Mayor: Has executive power in the city. His executive work is in the following areas:
1- Legal, Coucil and parliamentary affairs.
2--Social and cultural
3-Traffic and transportation
4-Urban services
5-Planning and coordination
6-Financial and administrative
7-Urban planning and architecture
8-Legal, city council and Majlis (parliament)
10-Tech and development
Municipal Council (Showra): Has municipal legislative power. The Showra’s responsibilities include:
Electing the mayor,
Approving the plans for the city,
Approving the local legislation proposed by the mayor,
Approving the budget and municipal rates.
The Showra operates via five standing committees responsible for reviewing the plans, laws and proposals made in five main areas:
1- Urban development;
2- Culture & society;
3- Urban environment;
4- Budget & planning
There are also two special committees for
5- Item 38 which works on conflicts about contracts and financial issues on municipality contracts
6- Item 77 which works on issues on levy
Also has five committees charged with supervising the operation of the 22 city districts. Composed of 15 councillors elected by direct universal suffrage for four-year terms.
Districts: Carry out administrative work in their areas. The head is the district mayor. The districts are supervised by the Mayor.
Tehran has 22 districts, each of which is administered by their own district mayors who report to the mayor of metropolitan Tehran. The mayor of metropolitan Tehran also has 8 deputies who head the following
1- Co-ordination & Planning;
2- Cultural & Social & affairs;
3- Town- planning & architecture;
4- Technical & developmental affairs;
5- Urban services;
6- Administrative & financial affairs;
7- Traffic & transportation;
8- Districts affairs;
To the above are added numerous departments, organizations, and affiliated companies.