Sunday 08 December 2019


Some duties and tasks of Islamic city councils are as follows:
  1. Electing mayor for four years;
  2. To identify social, cultural, educational, health, economic, and welfare shortages, needs, and insufficiencies of respective jurisdictions, formulating plans and corrective proposals as well as applied solutions in the above fields to facilitate planning by concerned officials;
  3. Approving bills on levying or canceling urban duties and changing their type and amount in line with general policies of the government which will be announced by Ministry of Interior;
  4. Supervising urban health affairs;
  5. Passing regulations and supervising installations canals and paths in the city;
  6. Overseeing implementation of plans related to development of streets, avenues, squares, green spaces, and public facilities in the city according to relevant regulations;
  7. Approving names of streets, squares, avenues, alleys and neighborhoods in cities and changing those names;
  8. Supervising good management of municipalities and all organizations, institutes, and companies affiliated to municipality; protecting capital, assets, as well as public and private assets of municipalities; and to supervise expenses and costs of those entities by selecting an official auditor, reporting violations to municipality, and taking necessary legal action.