Sunday 08 December 2019

Iran at the glance


 Official Name

 Islamic Republic of Iran 

 Head of State

 President H.E. Dr. Hassan Rouhani

 National Day

 11th of February (Islamic Revolution of Iran-1979)




 1,648,196 sq km

 Land Boundaries

 4,137 km

 Sea Boundaries

 2,700 km (Including the Caspian Sea)

 River Boundaries

 1,918 km

 Border Countries

 Afghanistan, Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan), Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan


 Mostly arid or semi-arid, temperate along Caspian coast and mountainous temperate along west and north-west.

 Natural Resources

 Petroleum,  natural  gas, coal, chromium, copper, iron ore, lead, manganese, zinc, sulfur 

 Land use (1998):


 Arable Land

 300,000 sq. Km                  18.2%

 Meadows and Pastures

 900,000 sq. Km                   54.6%

 Forest and Woodland

 120,000 sq. Km                     7.3%


 258,000 sq. Km                   15.7%

 Irrigated land

 70,000 sq. Km                       4.2%     

Agricultural Products

 Wheat, rice, barley, potato, grains, sugar-beet, cotton, fresh & dried fruits, dates, pistachio, fruits, nuts,  poultry, meat, dairy products, wool; caviar, flowers and medicinal plants.


79.109.272 million

 Population Growth rate




Muslim                                              99.56%

Zoroastrian, Christian & Jewish              0.44%


 Persian and Persian dialects, Azeri, Kurdish, Lori, Baloochi, Arabic


 Total      84.2%


Rial (IRR)


405 billion USD (2017)

GDP per capita

5516 US$

GDP growth rate

4.3 %

 Total Imports

43.648  bn USD (2017) 

 Import Grow Rate

 5.16 % (2017)

 Total Exports

43.940 bn USD (2017)

Export Grow Rate

 3.54 % (2017)

Foreign Direct Investment 

 2.050 million US $


Oil and gas, steel, aluminum, copper, electric and electronic equipment, cement & other building materials, metallurgy, home appliances, iron, textile, rugs and carpets, tapestry, miniature, ceramic, food processing (particularly sugar refining & vegetable oil production), petrochemicals, and car manufacturing & assemblies 


Production: 329.7 bilion kwh   



 Railways Networks

 8.442 km - Rank 24  in the world

 Road Networks

 198.866km - Rank 26 in the world


 11 commercial ports



 Inflation rate

8.4 % (2017)

 Economic Growth

12.5 % (2017)

 Unemployment Rate

 12.4 % (2017)