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Was established in 1959 (1338) by the private sector. The goal of foundation of Alborz insurance company originated from the fact that a private firm could contribute to the development of the domestic insurance industry in life and non-life.
With over 45 years of experience, the company is now well established in the Iranian Insurance market and has grown to become a dynamic and successful company.
After the Islamic revolution the government proposed a bill to the parliament there in after with the parliament approval, all private insurance companies, including Alborz, were nationalized in 1979 (4.4.1358). Regarding the increasingly insurance needs of the society, Alborz insurance company with a basic goal of establishing client confidence and satisfaction has taken some measures to develop new product with excellent security and efficient services.

Tel :  8903201-9


Bimeh Asia ( Asia Insurance Co.) was established in 1959. The company was registered with the companies Registration Department under 6795 in the same year.
In accordance with an act of the Islamic Revolutionary Council and the Nationalization of Insurance Institutes bill, Bimeh Asia was nationalized in 1980.
The company's activities includes insurance and reinsurance in all fields. It is noteworthy that Bimeh Asia is authorized to perform any activity beneficial to the company's objectives, including establishment of subsidiary companies and purchasing shares of other companies. The company has expanded it's activity throughout Iran during all these years.
Presently Bimeh Asia has 90 branches and more than 1000 agencies supervised by 11 area managers in more than 275 Iranian cities.

No 299, Taleghani St
Tel: (+98 - 21) 8800950 - 7
Fax: (+98 - 21) 8898113
POB: 15815-1885
Postal Code: 1599836511

Public Relations:
No 104, Taleghani - Gharani Crossroads
Tel: (+98 - 21) 8900076 - 7
Fax: (+98 - 21) 8900078


Argentin Sq

Tel: (+9821)88527728






As a private company Dana Insurance, along with several other insurance companies, was liquidated in 1981. Throughout the liquidation period the management of the above companies was put in the hands of a replacement board of directors which was common to all the companies. Dana's portfolio was eventually taken over by two nationalized companies namely Asia Insurance and Alborze Insurance. 
Clearing the accounts of these nationalized companies lasted from 1979 to 1986. In addition,these nationalized companies needed to be redefined from a legal view point. As a result, on 4th December 1988, in accordance to a statute concerning the management of insurance companies, nine insurance organizations, including Sharg Inssruance were merged into Dana Insurance Co.

Tel: 8770971-80


Day insurance company was established and registered in the General Registration Office on 3/12/1383 after the receipt of authority from Bimeh Markazi Iran. The paid capital of the company is 200 Billion Rials divided into 200 million shares under the name of and the total capital of the company has been undertaken. The shareholders of Day Insurance Company are formed of 19 legal persons and about 4000 real persons forming the public nature of the company. The original shareholders of the company namely are Kosar Economical Organization 20%, Shahed Investment Company 20%, Ray Investment Company and its subdirectory 18/25%, Alborz Investment Company15%, Bassijian Good Loan Fund 5%, Pars Oil Company 5%,Tadbir Investment Company 3/25, Athlete Credit Fund of Iran 1/5 and other legal and real shareholders 12%.

No. 241,  Mirdamad Blvd, Between Naft St & Modarress Highway
TEL : 2900551-7
FAX : 2900516


Bimeh Iran was established on the 6th November 1935 -( 1314 A corporation decreed by statute, it is a State owned company, competent to provide insurance and reinsurance facilities and contributes effectively to the development of the national insurance industry. Our experience of over 63 years has helped us to develop intensive insurance activities and gain technical reinsurance knowledge and expertise. We are now able to provide a full range of underwriting and claims services for all types of insurance and reinsurance business. Today Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) is a leading insurance company in Iran and well -known in the world insurance markets where it operates successfully. For the time being Iran Insurance Co. has 246 branches and 1,272 agencies spreading throughout the country's provinces and cities. Moreover Bimeh Iran U.K along with our 12 foreign branches and in the Persian Gulf region i.e. U.A.E, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, are all active in the international market. Regarding reinsurance activities, apart from our very long standing Outward Reinsurance, we are trying to establish a small but selective Inward portfolio and expand our business relationship with the international market.

Tel : 88864651 -60


Karafarin Insurance Company is the first private insurance company which has been registered within the framework of Central Insurance of Iran, non-governmental organization (NGO), and business law; with the registered number of 200845 in March 17th 2003. Since getting the license from Central Insurance of Iran Karafarin has been started its activity.

No. 9, 17th St. Ahmad Ghasir Ave. Argentina Sq. 
Zip code: 15875-8475
Tel: 8723830-4
Fax: 8723840-41


To issue various types of insurance policies, creating new and modern insurance covering in insurance related fields, the founders of MELLAT INSURANCE Co. have established the largest private insurance co. in country. 
Utilizing insurance specialists and experts and huge financial resources provided by founders, themselves investing pioneers and industrial leaders, is the distinguishing feature of MELLAT insurance Co. 
It is resources which have made MELLAT the largest driving force in the insurance industry of Iran.

No. 4, Chehelsotoon Street, Fatemi Square, Tehran, Iran. 
Tel: +98 21 897 17 86 , 895 64 96 
Fax: +98 21 897 17 87 


Novin Insurance company is the 18th private insurance company in Islamic Republic of Iran with the registered number of 263461 in 10 January 2006 ,and started its activity after obtaining the License of Operation(number 30881 in 5 March 2006) from Central Insurance of Iran(Bimeh Markazi Iran)

No.19, 21st Street, Gandi Street
Post Code: 1517939611
Tel:+9821- 88772393-4/88773592-3/88884252-3
Fax: +9821-88789923/88883870


In accordance with regulations on establishment and operation institution in the free trade-industrial zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Omid Insurance Co. established and registered in Kish Island and obtained permission for operation from Central Insurance of Iran as of 18th March 2003.


Parsian Insurance Company , registered as a publicly funded corporation , authorized by the establishment law of private insurance companies and under licens NO.5200 of ICI started its activities with 16 billion Rials in paid up capital.
At the moment the above mentioned capital has increased to 20 billion Rials considering the accumulated profit at the end of financial year 1382.

No.58.3-Western Ghobadian St. – Africa Blvd. 
P.O.Box : 19689-36151
Tel: +9821-88868 29-31   
Fax: +9821-87937 82


Razi insurance company is a private share holding company which after receiving its license from Bimeh Markazi commenced activities within the guidelines of Bime Markazi. 
The national demand for having strong private insurance companies prompted its formation and soon our expectations for being one of the leading companies in insurance industry came true.
During the past year which was our first year of operation we succeeded in achieving our planned objectives and we attribute it to a team of highly qualified staff and capable individuals who work closely with customers.
At the present time Bime Razi enjoys having more than 5 branches in the most important provinces of Iran in addition to our central office which is located in Gandi Avenue.
We take pride in being able to service our customers as our partners and as we do believe in enduring relation ship built upon mutual trust and doing our best to satisfy their needs.

No.80 opposite oil ministry, Taleghani Street.,


SAMAN INSURANCE CO. (a member of Saman Financial Group) started its operation under the license of the Central Insurance of Iran in March 2005 with a capital of 200 billion Rials (approx. EURO20m).
Saman Bank, Saman Bank Investment Co., Saman FOREX, Pension Fund of National Iranian Steel Company and Pension Fund of National Iranian Copper Industries Company and a number of investors from the private sector are the founding members of SAMAN INSURANCE Co.

113 Khaled eslamboli Ave. 15138 13119 Tehran 
Tel : +98 (21) 88700205 
Fax : +98 (21) 88700204


Date of establish : 2003/31 October
Date of start : 2003/18 November
Representative :16
Branch : 2

343 Beheshti Ave

Zip code: 15875-7499

Phone number: +98 8706701-10

Fax number: +98 8709654


Date of establishment: March 19th 2003
Number of agents: 15

No.4, Haghani Expressway,Jahan-Koodak Crossroad Africa Ave 
Tel-fax: + 98 21 8881800
Tel: +98 21 8887020-6
Fax: +98 21 8881022



Other Information

Government-Owned Banks

Export Development Bank

The Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI) was established in 1991 with the objective of increasing Iran's exports and developing trade with other countries.

No. 4, Gandi Ave., Tehran, Iran 
Postal code: 1516747913

Tel: (+9821)88798213-21

Fax: (+9821)88716949

Answering Machine: (+9821)88709022

Bank of Industry & Mine

"Bank of Industry and Mine" as a development bank is the most important organization which endeavors for helping economic growth through development of industries and mines. Its purpose is to be an economic enterprise for applying banking procedures and capabilities, developing and investing in order to advance Iran’s economic situation and to prepare suitable grounds for cooperation and participation of private sector by use of all potential facilities such as: organizations, processes and appropriate devices in the field of industries, mines, modern technologies and their associated services.

No. 1655-vali-e-asr Ave (after Chamran Crossroads)

Tel: (+9821)22040870

Fax: (+9821)22029854 , (+9821)22031904

Answering Machine: (+9821)22029900


No. 129, Patrice Lumumba St, Jalal-al-Ahmad Exp, Tehran, Iran 
P.O.Box: 14155-6395

Tel: (+9821)88287070 , (+9821)88252147

Fax: (+9821)88252146



Urbanization expansion and necessity to paying attention towards housing , caused incorporation of “ Bank Rahni Iran” in 1938. Hence , according to the law enacted on 15th January,1938  “ Bank Rahni Iran” was incorporated and commenced it's official operations from the beginning days of the year 1939. Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs was authorized to found this bank with a capital of Rls  200 million together with Bank Melli Iran partnership.

Ferdowsi Ave., Cross Sarhang Sakhaie St., Tehran, Iran 
P.O.Box: 11365-3499

Tel: (+9821)66709658

Fax: (+9821)66709684

Answering Machine: (+9821)664572625


Bank Mellat started its activity in 1980 by merging of 10 private banks (Dariush, Tehran, Pars, Etebarat Taavoni & Tozie, Iran & Arab, Bein-al-melalie-Iran, Omran, Bimeh-Iran , Tejarat Khareji Iran and Farhangian) and the at the present time it is active enjoying more than 1800 branches all over Iran and other branches in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara in Turkey, Seoul in South Korea, Yerevan in Armenia, London and Dubai (Persia Bank) and a percentage of the Share of  Europaisch-Iranische Handelsbank.

Taleghani Ave., Corner of Forsat St., Central Building of Bank Mellat

Tel : (+9821)82961,(+9821)82969

Fax: (+9821)82962700


The year 1307(1928) should be regarded as a turning point in Iran's banking and economic history. It was in that year that after nearly 40 years of foreign dominance on the country's banking scene, BankMelli Iran, the first Iranian commercial bank was established and the long cherished aspiration of the Iranian nation turned into reality . 
With the establishment of Bank Melli Iran and consequential suspension of foreign banks licences, the then disorderly economic trend of the country was reversed and the newly founded bank began to gather momentum in strengthening of the economic structure and development of agriculture, industry and commerce by mobilizing the huge financial resources and popular savings and by chanelling credits toward productive activities. 
During the 79 year period ensuing the foundation of Bank Melli Iran the country has witnessed a great deal of changes and turnarounds. 
Bank Melli Iran which had been founded as a result of an economic exigency, developed at later stages into an active and dynamic element assuming an accelerating role in the country’s economic advancement. 
In the year 1310(1931) parliament granted sole powers to Bank Melli Iran to issue banknotes, thus establishing the bank as the country’s bank of issue. Thereafter the bank assumed responsibility for additional central bank functions including government banking operations, the regulation of currency circulation, maintenance of balance of payments surpluses, credit regulation as well as supervision of the country’s banking system. 
In the year 1339 (1960) pursuant to the promulgation of the State Banking and Monetary law and the establishment of Bank Markazi Iran  ( The Central Bank ), Bank Melli Iran relinquished its central banking functions.

Ferdowsi Ave., Tehran, Iran 
Post Code: 1135937681

Tel : (+9821)60991

Fax: (+9821)66738606

Answering Machine : (+9821)66721448,(+9821)66721449


Post Bank

237, Motahari Ave., Tehran, Iran 1587618118

Tel: (+9821)88505885

Fax: (+9821)88502027

Answering Machine: (+9821)88506888-25


Bank Refah was founded in June 1960, in accordance with Note 39 of the previous year’s Budget Law, with the aim of providing welfare and facilities in order to meet the workers’ needs. Its initial investment of 400 million I.R.R. was designated by Social Security Organization. In 1979, following the bill on administration of banking affairs and nationalization of the banks, Bank Refah was considered as a commercial bank and in July 1993, it was being supported by S.S.O, while maintaining its legal and financial entity.

No.40, North Shiraz St., Mollasadra Ave., Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821)88059231-9

Fax: (+9821)88049973

Answering Machine: (+9821)88065110-13


43 Somayeh Ave., P.O. Box: 15745-631, Tehran , Iran

Tel: (+9821)88306091-4,(+9821)88826122-6,(+9821)88307815

Fax: (+9821)88306095

Answering Machine: (+9821)88308935,(+9821)88300468


No. 7, Afrigha Highway, Arjantin Square, Tehran, Iran, 1514947111

Tel: (+9821)88647001-2

Fax: (+9821)88664892

Answering Machine: (+9821)66746423-30


In 1887 a British bank named The East Modern Bank (Bank Jadid Sharq) established branches in some cities of Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Bushehr. In 1888, on the basis of a 60 year concession awarded to“Baron Paul Julius Reuter” the establisher of Reuters News Agency by Naser od-Din Shah (Qajar shah of Iran: 1848-96), the facilities of The East Modern Bank was assigned to Bank Shahanshahi. By virtue of this concession. The dealing center in Tehran and the bank were recognized under submission of the laws of Britain, and London was its main center. This bank established some branches in other cities of Iran and foreign countries. The exclusive privileges of publishing paper money, tax exemption, performing commercial-industrial affairs, profiting from all subterranean resources, etc. were awarded to the mentioned bank. Concentration of the governmental accounts and the treasury funds in Bank Shahi and the said bank’s interferences in all the marital and civic affairs led to its absolute domination on the financial affair of Iran.

No. 130, Taleghani Ave, Tehran, Iran, 
P.O.Box (11365-3139)

Tel: (+9821)88904024

Fax: (+9821)88936428

Answering Machine: (+9821)88320603

Private Banks

City Bank

Khosrow Alley, Gharani Ave

Tel: (+9821)83364000

Fax: (+9821)83364111


Eghtesad Novin

Bank Eghtesad Novin embarked on underwriting stocks on July 9, 2001, according to a permit issued by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. On August 4, 2001, the bank was registered as the first private bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran after establishment of its founding general assembly with a total capital of 250 billion rials under No. 177132.
The current capital of the bank, according to ratification of an extraordinary meeting of the general assembly dated May 28, 2004, is about 2,500 billion rials.

EN Bank Building, Africa Ave., Tehran 1969954345, Iran, 
P.O.Box: 19395-3796

Tel: (+9821)88788958-62

Fax: (+9821)88880166


Karafarin Bank was initially established as Karafarinan Credit Institute. It is the first truly privately-owned bank in Iran established since the 1979 Revolution. Its shareholders are among the leading industrialists and contractors in Iran. Many of them are members of the Association of Industrial Managers of Iran, Association of Construction Engineers of Iran, Association of Utility Engineers, and Consulting Engineers and Architects. The Institution was incorporated on 18/9/1378 (December 9, 1999) under registration number 157915. Pursuant to the approval by the Extra-ordinary General Assembly of the Shareholders dated 26/11/1379 (February 15, 2000), and the preliminary agreement of the Supervision Department of the Central Bank on 31/6/1380 (September 22, 2001), the process of converting the Credit Institute into a bank began. New articles of association was adopted; the paid-up capital was increased in two stages to 200 Billion Rials (just over $25 million); and, shares of those shareholders who did not take advantage of their primitive rights (with respect to the capital increase) were sold to new shareholders. 

No 315. Between Afrigha Ave and Vali-asr Ave, Vahid Dastgerdi Ave Tehran, Iran.

Tel: +9821 88791539

Fax: +9821 88550291


Parsian Bank held the founders’ assembly in July 2001 by virtue of the Act for Establishment of Non-Governmental Banks ratified in April 2000, and on the strength of the provisions of article 98 of the law for the Third Plan of Economic, Social and Cultural Development Program of the I.R. of Iran, approved by the Monetary and Credit Council at its 948th session held on December 11, 2000. By virtue of the letter No.H/2348 dated September 17, 2001, Parsian Bank obtained business permission from the Central Bank of the I.R. of Iran, having fulfilled all formalities and officially registered under No. 178028 on September 6, 2001 with the Tehran Registration Office for Companies and Non-Commercial Institutes.
Parsian Bank’s opened for business in March 2002 upon concurrent inauguration of four branches.

No. 65, Keshavarz Blvd., 1415983111 Tehran, Iran. 
P.O.Box: 14155-3136

Tel: (+9821)88979333

Fax: (+9821)88979344


In 2004 the core founders of Bank Pasargad, being professionals in banking industry namely former Governor of the CBI, senior ex-Directors of state-owned banks with extensive knowledge and experience in domestic and international banking and capital market experts and professionals, decided to establish a nationwide private bank in the country's growing economy with a very young and educated work force. The core founders decided to launch the bank in two phases; first to establish a financially and professionally sound holding company and subsequently to issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the above mentioned company as the major shareholder along with the core founders of the bank. To this end, the top elite private pension funds, important EPC companies, building societies and contractors, professional people namely high ranking physicians, lawyers, university professors, well known wealthy merchants and industrialists were summoned. After 12 months of extensive collaborations and thorough analysis of all prevailing issues, Pars Arian Investment Company was established as a public limited company with a paid-up capital of IRR 1,000 billion (about USD 109 million which was later increased to IRR 1800 billion, about USD 194 million) and with 400 shareholders.

2 Bakhshi Alley, Khovardin Blvd., Sharak-e-Gharb, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821)88573885-7

Fax: (+9821)88573881


Saman initially started its activities as Credit Institution in September 1999. Subsequently, in August 2002, it received a full banking license and changed its name to Saman Bank. Saman Eqtesad Credit Corporation was established on September 23, 1999 with a share capital of Rials 11 bln (US$ 1.4 mln). It opened its first branch on November 22, 1999 and managed to achieve already in its first year of activity a 5% return on equity. In 2002 Saman was the third private financial institution in post-revolutionary Iran to receive a banking license. In this context, the share capital increased to Rials 220 bln (US$ 26 mln). In March 2007, Saman Bank had a paid-sup share capital of Rials 900 bln (US$ 97 mln). It operates 54 branches including 15 branches in Tehran and 39 branches across Iran.

No. 879-Enghelab Ave, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821)66959050

Fax: (+9821)66959040

Answering Machine: (+9821)66959045


Sarmaye Bank is one of the Non-Governmental Banks in Iran, and the second largest private sector commercial and services banking with an initial equity capital of USD365.150 million (Rils3,535 milliards) including with more than 305,000 shareholders, was established under the guidelines issued by the proper authority and the monetary banking regulatory rules on interest-free banking, frame-network approved in 2000 (1379) for offering various banking financial facilities and services for our country's banks customers and also accepting several kinds of investing deposits, such as short – long - and fixed deposit accounts, for domestic and overseas customers in various different internal and external economic activities in many sections and other permitted operational banking affairs began its activities in accordance with the authorized Ref.No.H/4613 dated 7th Jan, 2005, issued by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of  Iran.

No. 24 - Sepahbod St., Arak St. - Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821)88803700 - 88803357 - 88890605

Fax: (+9821)88890390