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Tehran’s low-emission zone rule gets green light
ایجاد شده توسط : sohrabi-ar در 5/5/2015 4:17:51 PM

Low Emission Zone will be implemented by Tehran Municipality which only vehicles fulfilling a specified emission standard will then be able to drive through this zone.

A low-emission zone program will be launched in Tehran in the near future to replace the current odd-even rationing rule.

Tehran Municipality and the City Council are working on the plan to remove the odd-even rule, implemented for more than 10 years, and replace it with a more efficient solution to reduce pollution in the crowded parts of the capital.

The program would limit access by certain polluting vehicles to the zone with the aim of tackling the air pollution. It would favor vehicles such as the hybrid electric, or zero-emission ones.

In order to be granted entry to the low-emission zone, the vehicles need to meet several pollution-related requirements such as manufacturing date and the yearly vehicle inspections.