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To improve our performance and the variety of services we and our colleagues provide in different PR offices, the Municipality of Tehran’s strategic document on public and international relations was produced and implemented. The more important tasks and responsibilities of the general-directorate have been divided into public relations and international relations and included below:

1-planning, coordinating and implementing programs to promote cooperation with the media.

2-monitoring the stories carried by the press.

3-providing required information to the media.

4-planning, coordinating and implementing publicity programs for internal consumption and the publication of “Hamghaman” in-house weekly journal.

5-researching the various dimensions of PR.

6-conducting opinion polls.

7-the establishment of the Municipality of Tehran’s news and information unit.

8-planning and organizing functions, publicity drives, and conferences.

9-recordingvarious events inside the organization and updating specialized and thematic archives.

Tehran municipality, Public & International Relations Department
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