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Tehran, a Safe City against Disasters Tehran, a Safe City against Disasters

Tehran mayor sent a message on the occasion of October 19 which is the world day to reduce impact of natural disasters drawing attention of urban managers to earthquake and plans made to reduce its impact.

SAMA reported that the mayor said based on the latest figures by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), 297,000 people have died in 385 disasters during the last year alone which have also cased 142 billion dollars in damages and affected the lives of more than 217 million people.

He said Tehran Municipality is bent on taking measures to reduce impact of natural disasters including integrated management of disasters through forming disaster management headquarters, developing post-disaster infrastructures in 22 districts of Tehran, building 100 disaster management bases, developing such bases in all neighborhoods, increasing necessary know-how, implementing national maneuvers, and increasing quality of disaster management.



Tehran municipality, Public & International Relations Department
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