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Tehran Hosts Hiroshima Peace and Friendship Delegation
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On the occasion of the international day for banning use of chemical and microbial weapons, the Peace Museum which has been opened at Tehran’s City Park to keep memory of Iraqi chemical weapons used against Iran, is hosting a delegation of Hiroshima people who represent peace and friendship.

Tehran SAMA reported that the delegation met with Tehran deputy mayor for cultural and social affairs, Mohammad Hadi Ayyazi, at Peace Museum. The ceremony coincided with chemical bombardment of Halabja city by the former Iraqi regime as well as the international day for banning use of chemical and microbial weapons.

Tehran deputy mayor addressed the audience saying that during eight years of war with Iraq (1980-88), Iran was victim of chemical weapons used by the Baathist regime.

“Japan has also a bitter experience with nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and both countries should strive to prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

Ayyazi added that Peace Museum has been opened at City Park to showcase damages of chemical weapons and documents proving the use of such weapons.

“We have also inaugurated Sacred Defense Museum and Garden to reflect achievements of eight years of Sacred Defense. Expansion of cultural cooperation with Japan through this museum will provide grounds for promotion of peace in the world. Let’s hope that peace museums in Hiroshima and Tehran would vanguard true peace in the world,” he added.

Mr. Maeda, curator of Hiroshima Peace Museum, and Ms. Soya, head of Hiroshima Peace and Friendship Society along with Professor Inai and a group of Hiroshima citizens and representatives from Iraq’s Halabja city attended the ceremony.

Tehran Peace Museum is located at City Park in District 12 of Tehran.