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Bagh Feiz
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Bagh Feiz is a neighborhood in west Tehran bound to Shahid Hakim highway on the south, to Shahid Hemmat highway on the north, to Sattari highway on the west and to Ashrafi Esfahani highway on the east which falls into the limits of District 5 of Tehran. Emamzadeh Ja'far, one of the famous shrines in Tehran, is located at this neighborhood.

Tirazheh shopping mall, which is known as the Wonderland, is also located at this neighborhood.
In past years, the neighborhood was covered by thick woods and gardens comprising pomegranate, walnut, and berry trees. Part of those lands were later converted to a residential complex for the staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, but the rest of the gardens have  been preserved as a national garden.
Construction of buildings in this neighborhood started under the second Pahlavi monarch and due to development of such infrastructures as water and power, residential units were soon built across the neighborhood.
Bagh Feiz square is the central point of the neighborhood which is also home to Mikhak, Fereshteh, and 22 Bahman parks.