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383 Cultural Programs for Holy Month of Ramadan
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 7/7/2013 12:35:41 PM

Performance of cultural programs in the holy month of Ramadan has been turned into one of the expectations of citizens and on this basis like recent years a series of programs such as the City of God and the City of Kindness would be performed in different districts. Velayat Garden Park and Imam Hossein Square would be some of the venues hosting such programs.

According to the Central News Bureau, Amir Khorakian, Chairman of the Cultural-Artistic Organization of Tehran Municipality said: “On the first three nights of the month of Ramadan programs themed Kindness of God with Human Beings would be performed at Tehran garden parks. On the fourth night programs on Kindness of Man with Himself and on the remaining nights the issue of Kindness of the People would be the theme of the programs. Also, programs in the field of music, anthem and painting specific for children have been prepared.”

Khorakian added: “Education of social skills is among programs for this summer. In the current year, 1,200 subjects have been predicted for performance in 9800 classes which are the result of the two-year study throughout the country. Also, about 900 new educational courses have been designed of which 222 are in the field of social skills. Educational courses for this summer are in the four directions of social skills and urbanization, religion and ethics, culture and arts, and scientific and practical skills.”

He further remarked: “For many of the courses there were no proper educational sources in proportion to the public and therefore 400 educational sources would be produced whereas 140 new books would be produced of which 30 books would be put at the disposal of the audience. On the other hand, about 690 programs with 12,776 performances have been predicted at culture houses.”