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Ramadan Nights at Tehran Milad Tower
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 7/10/2013 12:35:34 PM

Milad Tower is still active as one of the centers for performance of different cultural programs in the city. With the start of the holy month of Ramadan different exhibitions themed Ramadan as well as international Ramadan festivals in Islamic countries would be held at the tower.

According to Tehran SAMA, Managing Director of Tehran Milad Tower Farzad Houshiyar Parsian said: “Each year simultaneously with the beginning of the month of Ramadan Tehran Milad Tower as one of the new attractions of Tehran performs wide-ranging programs for tourists and citizens of Tehran until midnight so that people could have some entertainment after breaking their fast.”

Parsian added: “The educational workshop for sighting the moon crescent, operation of the pavilion ‘recite the Quran and receive an awards’, feed orphan children, the festival on ‘Ramadan heritage of Muslims’, operation of international pavilions for Islamic countries, holding sessions relevant with ‘Ramadan heritage of Muslims’, and holding Quran nights with the presence of Egyptian and Iranian reciters are among those programs. Meanwhile, the international Quran expo, and image making with the topic ‘Palestine’ on the occasion of Qods Day are among other sections of the programs.

According to the report, an exhibition of Islamic arts, a charity fair, a souvenir and handicraft exhibition, and a ceramic expo would be held during Ramadan in this place.

Meanwhile, Milad Tower will host 50 orphans on the top of the tower each night with the participation of benevolent citizens.