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From Fast Breaking to the Dawn at Tehran Garden Parks
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It is summer with its long and hot days. It is Ramadan and the nights which from fast breaking to the dawn have a divine manifestation. Passage of time at garden parks in Tehran these days has a special meaning. The proper environment of the garden parks has been intermingled with the fragrance of the Quran and spirituality. Such an environment attracts citizens to the month of fasting and prayers more than ever.

According to Shahrnevesht, during the month of Ramadan special programs would be performed in city parks. Performance of cultural programs and setting up of handicraft stands as well as different recreations for children and young adults have made nights vibrant at these parks.

According to the report, the programs which include cultural events, Quran recitation and question and answer sessions begin after the fast breaking hour and have attracted different groups of the citizens. In some of the parks stands have been set up for competitions. Consultation and answering religious questions, observation of stars, collective arts, story teller mothers, scribing the holy Quran and performance of puppet shows are among other sections of the programs which are performed at garden parks.

Garden parks in Tehran in an atmosphere filled with spirituality of Ramadan and programs which draw more attention to different aspects of the month host citizens until the dawn. These programs have tied up the summer night with Ramadan.