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House Museums of Famous Personalities
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Establishing museums in the house of famous personalities is a normal practice in the world cities for honoring prominent figures and transferring benefits of their lives to the next generations. In recent years Tehran has been witness to the establishment of such museums, a measure which has received welcome of the citizens and experts in cultural and social areas.

According to Shahrnevesht, the house of Dr. Ali Shariati in the vicinity of District 6 municipality has been built in a period between 1335 and 1340 (1956 & 1961). In the years 1375-1376 the house was purchased by Tehran Municipality and since 1382 it underwent changes and renovation which continued up to 1385.

According to the report, since the month of Ordibehesht (April/May) the house of Martyr Morteza Motahhari was turned into a museum. Professor Motahhari resided in that house since 1346 and wrote most of his works in that house. The house was a meeting place for prominent personalities of the Islamic Revolution.

Also, the house of Martyr Mohammad Ali Rajaei where he resided for about 17 years was included in the list of national heritage as of 1373. This old house occupies an area of 254 square meters and has a basement. This house museum is located in Shohada district of Tehran and was opened in the year 1388 in the presence of Tehran mayor.

Meanwhile, in July 2008 and simultaneously with the martyrdom anniversary of Mostafa Chamran, the house museum of Chamran was opened. The building of the house with a span of 244 square meters is located in Chaleh Meydan district of Tehran as a sample of architectural style of the late Qajar era.

In the coming days Amir Kabir Foundation also known as the house of Dr. Hassan Habibi would become operational. Operations for the surrounding area of the house were completed by the end of 1391.