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Tehran Managerial Model for Health, Safety and Environment
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The Safety and Crisis Management Committee of Tehran Islamic City Council received the HSE report in a meeting which was held in the presence of managers in the field. This committee is responsible for planning activities related to health, safety and environment.

According to Tehran SAMA, Masoumeh Abad, a member of Tehran Islamic City Council, said at the session: "In the new term of the City Council with the formation of Health and Environment Committee an opportunity was provided for independent activity of committees such as safety and crisis management and we hope to deal with all cases that are somehow related to the issue of safety. By taking advantage of the existing facilities and proper implementation of planned programs in the field of health, safety and environment the city of Tehran could be represented as a model for development of sustainable cities in the country.

Also Hafezi, Chairman of the Health, Environment and Urban Services of Tehran Islamic City Council said: "People should become sensitive towards issues and should receive the necessary education in related fields. In my opinion, the first and the most effective measure in the health, safety and environmental field is public education which should be performed through the national media ".

According to the report, Ghaffari who is the Secretary of the Supreme Health, Safety and Environment Council of Tehran Municipality also stressed: "Since the year 1387 (2008-2009) the policy of management of Health, Safety and Environment – Management System (HSE-MS) has been conveyed in Tehran Municipality and in all municipal districts all the risks and dangers have been identified. On the basis of studies which have been conducted, 32 handbooks (guidelines) have been designed and prepared for establishment of HSE managerial system and its final verification has been completed in the 22 districts within the Tehran Municipality structure."