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Largest Football Stadium in South Tehran Nearing Completion
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 11/2/2013 11:08:27 AM

One of the southernmost areas of Tehran will be equipped with a large football stadium in a near future. The stadium which has been built in District 19 will be opened in the presence of Tehran mayor in a near future.

Ebadollah Fathollahi, Mayor of District 19 told Shahrnevesht: "Construction operations of the 15 thousand seat Shahid Kazemi Stadium have been completed and currently latest equipment are being installed. This stadium is the largest in the south of Tehran. This sports complex will soon become operation in the presence of mayor of Tehran."

Fathollahi added: "Shahid Kazemi 15,000-seat stadium with a span of 85,000 square meters has 12 thousand square meters of under construction area with three floors of administration offices. It is expected that with the operation of the stadium parts of the sports needs of talents in this area would be met. The stadium is also equipped with natural grass stadium and new irrigation method."

The 15-thousand-seat Shahid Kazemi Stadium is located on Azadegan Highway between Khalazir Avenue and to Shaqayeq Highway.