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Tehran to go dark for Earth
ایجاد شده توسط : sohrabi-ar در 2/14/2016 10:25:29 AM

Tehran's Azadi Tower went dark to join the Earth Hour campaign in 2015.

Landmarks in Tehran and many other Iranian metropolises will go dark in support of Earth Hour, an initiative to confront climate change throughout the globe.

For the sixth successive year, Tehran Municipality will join the Earth Hour campaign by turning off some famous landmarks of the capital like Azadi Tower, Gonbad-e Mina, and Tabiat Bridge, on March 19, said Head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Headquarters of Tehran Municipality Mohammad Mehdi Golmakani.

He added that 17 other Iranian metropolises along with several other cities had also participated in the campaign for the first time last year to address global warming and climate change through promotion of using less energy.

Organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Earth Hour is a global movement encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm on the last Saturday of March, as a symbol for commitment to the planet. The move famously started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007 but has grown to engage more than 7,000 cities and towns ever since.