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Tehran Air reaches unhealthy level
ایجاد شده توسط : sohrabi-ar در 2/6/2018 8:33:03 AM

Tehran’s Air Quality index on Monday has become unhealthy for all groups.

Reaching 173, Tehran’s Air Quality index on Monday has become unhealthy for all groups.

Stable weather conditions are forecast to remain until Tuesday leading to the accumulation of pollutants in most metropolises.

The AQI on Sunday stood at 144, which is translated as unhealthy for sensitive groups (children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with respiratory and cardiovascular problems).

Meanwhile, Tehran authorities introduced the same old emergency measures to prevent the emission of more pollutants.

The workgroup to reduce Tehran's air pollution announced the closure of kindergartens, pre-schools and primary schools in all counties except Pardis, Damavand, and Firuzkouh on Monday.

Odd-even rationing was also banned the citizens’ cars from plying the streets and the sale of daily permits for entry into the restricted zone was suspended for the day.

According to Kioumars Kalantari, head of Tehran's Department of Environment, trucks were not allowed to enter the city on Monday and the entry of polluting and old heavy vehicles and those with no technical inspection license was announced forbidden until Feb. 20.

Moreover, "sand and gravel mines, asphalt and cement factories and other polluting activities were prohibited."

The traffic police were tasked to exert stricter control over polluting vehicles and those lacking technical inspection.

Tehran Emergency center was also placed on standby to serve the residents in case of a health problem.