Friday 22 March 2019


Tehran mayor: Transportation system fully active in Tehran
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Tehran Mayor Mohammad Ali Afshani said all parts of transportation system are fully active in Tehran metropolitan.

 Afshani made the remarks while inaugurating the Line 7 of Tehran subway, adding that all malfunctions of this line has been identified and its malfunctions and problems would be settled in near future.  

He said Tehran Municipality is trying to encourage the citizens to use bicycles.  

Afshani said at the initial phase, Line 7 covers a 6-kilometer stretch of rail track including five stations that link Mahdiyeh station to Navvab-e Safavi, adding that all stations would be completed in near future.

Five stations namely Mahdiyeh, Beryanak, Kumeil, Rudaki, and Navvab-e Safavi launched on Saturday (July 14,).

The line was initially inaugurated in 2017 and was shut down due to safety issues.