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Astrologists gather in Gonbad Mina building to watch longest lunar eclipse in Tehran
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Managing Director of Abbassabad Renovation Company Mohammad-Hossein Hejazi said several astrologists will get together in Gonbad Mina building in Tehran to watch the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century that will be visible tonight .
He added that this phenomenon will be visible in Tehran from 23 pm (21:44 GMT) on Friday, July 27, to 02:00 am (03:58 GMT) local time on Saturday, July 28.
Hejazi also stressed that the watching of Mars, which will be closest to earth in distance, will also be on program.
A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into shadow. This can occur only when the sun, Earth, and moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.