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Tehran mayor inaugurates 50 new projects in District 9
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Tehran Mayor Mohammad Ali Afshani inaugurated 50 cultural, social and development projects in District 9 of Tehran Municipality in west of Iranian capital on Wednesday.  

District 9 of Tehran Municipality with 80 square kilometers span, is a marginal area located in the west end of the metropolitan Tehran. It has a population of 450 thousand people. This district has 13 neighborhoods with 50 thousand households and five areas.

With a span of 19.6 square kilometers, the district houses a population of over 165,903 people who are mostly residents of Hashemi, Shamshiri, Shahid Dastgheib, Mehrabad and Simetri Jey neighborhoods.

Mehrabad Airport, one of Iran's most important airports where all domestic flights are conducted, and Azadi Square which is the historical symbol of Tehran are located in this district.

District 9 is limited to Azadi Avenue and Karaj Special Road in the north, to Fath Highway and Chehelopanj Metri Zarand route in the south, to Shahidan Street, Sadat Street in the east and to the Kan watercourse in the west.

In fact this district borders Districts 2 and 5 in the north, Districts 17 and 18 in the south, Karaj in the west and District 10 in the east. The district has two areas which are within the urban limit with a population of 47,737 households.