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Int’l Relation Dept
ایجاد شده توسط : pasargad در 8/25/2018 10:22:35 AM

Tehran is considered to be the largest and the most important population center in the Middle East. It is the political and commercial capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran. During daytime, Tehran’s population balloons to 11 million.
In today’s Tehran urbanization has taken on gargantuan proportions. Scores of satellite cities, settlements, districts, and neighborhoods have sprung up around it, further exacerbating traffic problems, air pollution and other issues that challenge mega cities. Although the special circumstances after the victory of the Islamic Revolution (1979) and the imposition of a long eight-year war on Iran by Iraq, conspired to put many urban management and planning schemes on the backburner, today the city of Tehran is experiencing a new age of prosperity and post war reconstruction boom.
The city’s urban planners are implementing huge schemes to respond to such needs and issues as poverty alleviation, safe communities, urban environmental conservation, sustainable development, improvement of public transportation, fighting discrimination and social injustice, housing and primary health services. Through these and other projects, we are working to eventually turn Tehran into a complete and inclusive city.
The responsibility to establish and promote the public and international relations of the Municipality of Tehran rests with the public and international relations directorate-general. This department is supervised by and reports to the mayor of Tehran. To better execute its duties the directorate-general has divided its activities into the following three branches:
1-public relations
2-international relations
3-cultural and administrative matters
Each branch is headed by a deputy. Different heads of department, experts, and officers serve in each branch. In its role as a bureau attached to the office of Tehran’s Mayor, the directorate-general is also tasked with supervising the activities of other public and international relations offices situated in different departments, directorates-general, organizations and companies affiliated to the Municipality of Tehran.