Friday 22 March 2019


Afshani: Tehran Metro Line 6 goes on stream next year
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 8/28/2018 1:05:25 PM

Tehran Mayor Mohammad Ali Afshani said the Tehran Metro Line 6 will be inaugurated by the end of next Iranian calendar year (to be started on March 21, 2019).

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of his visit from Tehran Metro Line 6 in Kan station in west of Tehran, Afshani said the line is 39 kilometers long.

With 30 stations, he said the Tehran Metro Line 6 long connects southeast Tehran to northwestern parts of the city.

He added that 10 km long of Tehran Metro Line 6’ six stations will be completed in the next two months.

The metropolis of Tehran is struggling with foul air all year round. While inversion cause great deal of discomfort for the citizens during cold seasons, ground-level ozone pollution increases during summer months. And this is why developing public transport, as a partial solution to address the issue, should be a top priority.