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Top municipal official calls for expansion of Tehran-Canberra urban diplomacy
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 10/9/2018 11:13:49 AM

Head of Communication Center and International Affairs of Tehran Municipality Mohammad Ali Karimi stressed the significance of boosting urban diplomacy between Tehran and Canberra.

In a meeting with Australian Ambassador in Tehran Ian Biggs, Karimi called for expansion of mutual ties in urban development between the two countries.

He said major problems in Tehran are related to air pollution, traffic as well as the aged and worn out residential buildings.

Karimi added that several projects are underway to renovate these vulnerable tissues in the southern and central parts of the capital.

The municipal official also noted that the Mayor of Tehran Mohammad Ali Afshani has recently presented to the City Council a five-year plan for the development of Tehran, expressing hope that the program would improve the quality of citizens' lives within five-year period.

Referring to the previous cooperation between Tehran and Canberra in the exchange of experiences, he said: “At present, Australia can provide its valuable experiences with Tehran and other metropolises in the fields of education, research and planning with urban management.

“Renovation of worn out buildings, the development of public transportation and the creation of a smart city that helps reduce air pollution and traffic, are one of the main concerns of urban management in this period, in which we started operational programs.

“To meet that end, we welcome cooperation with Australia in the fields of transferring experiences in the form of sending expert teams and creating opportunities for dialogue and interaction of experts between the two countries."

Australian diplomat, for his part, hailed the activities of Tehran municipality to improve citizens' lives, adding that: “We have had negotiations with Iranian nationals residing in Australia in the past and we emphasized the significance of expanding cooperation on issues such as education, migration and scientific and cultural interactions.

“In the past, there has been good cooperation between Tehran and different Australian the cities aimed at improving urban environment."

The Australian envoy also voiced Canberra willingness to interact with the Organization for the Environment of Iran, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad in various fields, including water management.

He added that Australia is ready to provide Tehran with experience in areas related to traffic, subway development and the establishment of new airports.