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Workshop on Quran Cover, Latin Calligraphy at Intl. Quran Exhibition
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The 20th International Quran Exhibition which like the past two decades is being held during the holy month of Ramadan is a place where different arts related to the holy Quran are being displayed. In this year’s exhibition workshops have been set up for Latin calligraphy, gilding and Quran cover making in the visual arts section.

According to IRNA, workshops of the visual section of the 20th International Holy exhibition are being held every day. The exhibition is a venue for different artistic workshops, including painting, gilding, cover making, Latin calligraphy, inlay and mosaic. Also, more than 200 works in the competition section of the visual exhibition have been put on display at the exhibition. The works have been selected from among 1,103 works received by the secretariat of the visual section for participation in the competition section.

According to the report from among over 200 competitive works, 76 were calligraphy, 24 painting, 58 posters, 12 images and 48 painting. Also, in the non-competitive section, a total of six works from masters and painters participated in the field of painting, calligraphy, mosaic and inlay.

Visual workshops in calligraphy, gilding, mosaic, inlay, Latin calligraphy, painting and painting-calligraphy, Quran cover making and collage include 15 workshops that would be held in 87 terms at Ramadan nights at the Quran exhibition. Meanwhile, by exhibiting works in the competitive and non-competitive sections and pictures on the demise of Imam Khomeini (RA), about 500 works would be displayed in this section.