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Eleventh Conference to Honor Quran Servants
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 8/5/2012 7:37:38 AM

The holy month of Ramadan and holding Quranic activities draws attention to different fields, among which honoring the servants of Quran, a program which is staged with an aim of deepening Quranic culture and education. In recent days those interested in Quran were witness to holding of the eleventh conference to honor servants of Quran.

According to Tehran SAMA, Amir Khorakian, head of the Cultural-Arts Organization of Tehran Municipality said: “In the Cultural-Arts Organization of Tehran Municipality, Quran is the basis which should be benefited in all activities, programs and measures. This divine book should be set as a criterion for comparison of the content and spirit of all activities. In Tehran, Quran Cultural Center is operational in the field of Quran and due to the religious approach of the Cultural-Arts Organization this Center should be responsible for Quran planning for the entire activities of the Organization."

Khorakian remarked that special Quran programs within the framework of cultural programs of the holy month of Ramadan are being implemented in the 22 districts of Tehran. “In the current year, special measures have been taken for the public. In addition, in the field of education of Quranic concepts efforts have been made to design programs to suit different age levels.”

During the ceremony which was held at Andisheh Culture House, six masters of Quranic sciences were honored.