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Mourning on “Nights of Qadr” in Tehran
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The second half of the holy month of Ramadan is highly significant for fasting Muslins due to the “Nights of Qadr” as well as martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS). By approaching the days, a certain change in the mood is noticeable. Ceremonies on the “Nights of Qadr” further portray spiritual atmosphere of the city more than ever. Preparedness of cultural centers for holding the vigil, together with some administrative arrangements, is for offering of service to better run the ceremonies.

According to Tehran SAMA, different districts of Tehran Municipality are getting prepared to hold ceremonies on the “Nights of Qadr”. Different ceremonies such as reading prayers, vigil in the mosques and other religious grounds would be held. Meanwhile, large cultural and religious centers which are mostly visited by the people would witness implementation of different programs to facilitate traffic and presence of the people.

According to the report Managing Director of Tehran Bus Company Peyman Sanandaji elaborating on the services to be offered to citizens on the “Nights of Qadr” said: “In addition to increasing nightly services of BRT bus lines, special services have been predicted at nights from 22:00 hours up to the dawn. The bus fleet will render special services from places where ceremonies would be held to different destinations throughout the city to provide easy and speedy transportation for mourners. On the nights of August 6, 8, and 10 which are the “Nights of Qadr” and ceremonies are held in many parts of the city, the Bus Company would offer round the clock services to citizens.

In addition, Hossein Rahimi, head of Tehran Traffic Police said: “70% of the total Traffic Police would be on full alert to regulate traffic in the city on those nights. Meanwhile, from 10:00 up to the dawn the traffic police would render special services in order to keep the traffic smooth and enabling mourners to participate in different ceremonies.

Special programs on the blessed “Nights of the Qadr” would be held from August 6 of the holy month of Ramadan up to August 13 at mosques and major cultural and religious centers.