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Welcoming Ramadan Festival at Milad Tower
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 8/12/2012 1:21:41 PM

The welcome citizens of Tehran accorded to the summer and Ramadan festival at Milad Tower was beyond expectation. During the time these two festivals were held over 120 thousand tourists and citizens of Tehran enjoyed the programs and widespread cultural, social, sporting and recreational facilities at the highest tower in the country.

According to Tehran SAMA, Managing Director of Milad Tower Farzad Houshyar said: “The summer festival launched its program as of July 21 and received satisfactory welcome by citizens and domestic as well as foreign tourists. Presently Milad Tower has been converted into a symbol of modern tourism in the city of Tehran. Given the coincidence of the holy month of Ramadan and the summer festival parts of the programs had been defined as specific for Ramadan the most important of which was Ramadan festival, heritage of Muslims which was held with the participation of ten Muslim countries."

Houshyar added that over 60 thousand people during 2o days of the holy month of Ramadan took part in the Ramadan festival which was specifically held for the wives of ambassadors of Muslim countries. Also, pavilions of handicrafts of Muslim countries, Ramadan festivity, Bismillah exhibition, Quranic artistic works expo and music of nations were also inspected. Many citizens and tourists welcomed holding of such festivals at Milad Tower and believed that such festivals would attract more tourists to visit Tehran.

He continued: “Milad Tower, the sixth highest communication tower in the world, has reached a status that tourists of this metropolis intend to visit it. Through widespread planning and performance of different cultural-artistic programs it has attracted the attention of many citizens of Tehran and many Iranians to come to the tower to use its touristic, recreational and sports facilities."