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Line 5 of BRT Relocates 250,000 Passengers Daily
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 11/6/2012 10:44:26 AM

Launching of BRT Line 5 has been enthusiastically welcomed by citizens and it plays a major role in intracity trips. Now, after about a month since its operation, the line relocates 200 thousand citizens each day.

Hassan Aqaei, General Manager of Engineering and Traffic Safety of Tehran Municipality told Shahrnevesht: “BRT Line 5 was launched with the start of autumn. In the first month some 130 thousand passengers used the line which increased to 200 thousand since last week. Meanwhile, it is expected that the number of passengers taking this line would increase to 250,000 in a near future.”

Aqaei further remarked that Line 5 of BRT, with a length of nine km and ten stations, relocates passengers from Resalat Square to Argentine Square. “At present, with the inclusion of the first and last stations, passengers take BRT buses in nine stations. Within the next month all the accesses to this line would be completed and ten electric escalators would be installed in the vicinity of Resalat Square to facilitate access to the stations of the line. Also, more than 50 BRT buses are active in this line which would be increased with the future rise in number of passengers.”

With the launch of BRT Line 5, the number of lines has increased to seven. According to the document of the Comprehensive Plan for Tehran traffic, development of ten BRT lines has been forecast of which seven have so far been completed.