Indicative Projects

Indicative Projects

City of Aftab [Sunshine City] :

This big project is being carried out in the southwest of Tehran near Imam Khomeini International Airport and the shrine of Imam Khomeini. It includes the construction of the International Great Fair of Tehran, the biggest funfair in the Middle East, and multi-purpose cultural, recreational, residential, and tourist complexes.
Milad Tower :

This tower is one part of Yadman Complex Project that refers to many connected buildings and structures in Geesha Neighborhood. This tower is a concrete structure with diverse functions, and it is 435 m tall. This project, being carried out in the northwest of Tehran, includes the 4th tallest telecommunications and recreational tower of the world, the largest centre for international conferences in Iran, a commercial - administrative complex, and a five-star international hotel.
Book Garden :

Constructing exhibit spaces, amphitheatre, a film screening hall, conference halls, and public spaces to read books in the green space of Abbas Abad lands
Azadi Cinema Complex :

Constructing well-equipped and modern cinema halls in the former place of Cinema Azadi
City Theatre Cultural Complex 2 :

Changing the function of the pollutant and inappropriate places in the south of Tehran and building a cultural complex and theatre halls in place of the oil reservoirs in the south of Tehran
Holy Defense Garden Museum :

Constructing a complex of exhibit spaces, an amphitheatre, galleries, and conference halls in order to make the young generation and the posterities familiar with the heroic and self-sacrificing actions of the Iranian youth during the eight year period of defending the country (against the Baathists regime of Saddam Hussein).
Mellat Cinematic Complex :

Construction of five cinema halls on the southern side of Mellat Park
Nowruz Garden :

Construction of a modern place with Iranian identity for the congregation and gatherings of the citizens during the New Year holiday, together with halls and spaces for music and ceremonial performances
Professional Theatre Centre of the City (Khavaran) :

Constructing four theatre halls, educational, cultural, and spaces for open air performance, library, gallery, and exhibit ground in the southeast of Tehran
Planetarium :

Constructing four theatre halls, educational, cultural, and spaces for open air performance, library, gallery, and exhibit ground in the southeast of Tehran
Imam Ali Motorway :

Imam Ali Motorway in the east of Tehran is an ultra-regional northern - southern motorway network that completes the motorway links of the Metropolis. As a source of urban energy, this motorway can play a significant role in the urban development of the region, renovation of its dilapidated and old textures, and the qualitative improvement of the physical structure and the functions of the areas around the motorway.
Resalat Tunnel :

Resalat Tunnel is about two km long. It has three lanes on each side that are 13.5 m wide each for vehicles, and two 90 cm to 110 cm pavements for the maintenance team of the tunnel. It was designed in order to connect the east and west of Tehran through the shortest route. After nine years of vicissitudes in the construction operations, the tunnel at last became operative on 14 July 2006. Resalat Tunnel is the first tunnel with the intelligent traffic control system in the Middle East, and it has been called “the safest constructional project”. It has also been like a technical college for the Iranian engineers because it has benefitted from their knowledge and expertise.
Towhid Tunnel :

It is approximately two km long, and is being constructed to connect the north - south motorways Chamran and Navvab in the central and western parts of Tehran, to complete the north - south corridors of the city, to reduce the traffic flow, and to make smooth the movement of the vehicles.

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