Dr. Alireza Zakani was presented at the Martyr's Ascension (Meraj Al-Shohada), on Behesht Avenue, on 2nd September 2021 while paying tribute to the high spirit of the martyrs and said: "Martyrs are our assets and role models so we look up to them, and I am requesting them to aid us to provide better service to the citizens of Tehran.

He added: the basis of work is to raise the level of public service to the highest point to create a deserving atmosphere for the citizens. Also, we try to change the conditions of the city to reach out to the expected identity and to incorporate facilities that are considered to bring prosperity and comfort for citizens of Tehran with God's grace and the help of the people.

The Mayor of Tehran emphasized: "One of our first plans is to take a fundamental and serious measure about Coronavirus as our social responsibility in order to serve the people of Tehran in reducing their pain and suffering.

The Mayor of Tehran said: "Let's try to build a city which has a positive impact on all cities, regions, and even the world.

Zakani added: In the last 42 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has gone through many ups and downs, and what we can do is honor good actions and learn from false things to take positive steps towards fulfilling our goals. Putting serious effort and the pursuit of our goals is the main aim to be accomplished in this era. Moreover, we try to be the best servant of the people to achieve our religious mission.


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