BRT Lines in Tehran Getting Six Years Old

  2013 July 02 Tuesday:

According to Shahrnevesht, some 625 buses out of a fleet of 7,000 buses in Tehran belong to BRT lines. This number of buses is now capable of relocating 49% of passengers in Tehran. At the same time and according to the comprehensive plan for transportation in the capital city should be equipped with 10 BRT lines with a length of 167 km. So far, seven lines with a length of over 100 km have become active and are rendering services to the Tehran citizens. The first BRT line was inaugurated by the Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf in the year 1386 (2007-2008) and today its qualitative and quantitative expansion has become one of the serious demands of the people.

Line One: Tehranpars Crossroads - West Terminal (Azadi Square) is equipped with 26 stations which connect west of Tehran to the east. In fact this line takes a straight direction from Azadi Square to Imam Hossein (A.S.) Square. This line is equipped with 230 two-cabin buses with euro 3 standards. The time lapse of the movement of the fleet at peak hours is 40 seconds and on ordinary hours is 80 seconds.

Line Two: West Terminal (Azadi Square) – Khavaran Terminal with a length of 20 km and 25 stations. It starts from Azadi Square and reaches Khavaran and Afsariyeh Crossing in east of Tehran. There are 235ordinary and two-cabin buses active in this line. Transportation services in this line are round the clock.

Line Three: Khavaran Terminal in southeast – Elm-o-Sanat Terminal in east of Tehran. It has a length of 13.5 km and 16 stations. Feasibility studies for this line started in August/September 2008 and the line was put into operation four months later.

Line Four: Afshar Terminal – South (Be’that) Terminal with a length of 21.5 km. It starts from Parkway Crossroads in northern Tehran and continues up to Be’that Terminal in south of Tehran. It has 21 stations and 100 buses with euro 3 environmental standards.

Line Seven: From Tajrish Terminal up to the Railway Square with a length of 18.5 km. It has 34 stations and intersects with lines 4, 1 and 2. It has 353 buses which are equipped with GPS and monitoring facility. It renders services round the clock.

Line 10: Azadi Square to Poonak with a length of 12 km. It has joined active BRT lines since the year 1390 (2011-2012). It has 53 buses which render services round the clock. 






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