Main Bridges on Tehran-Karaj Highway Commissioned

  2013 November 09 Saturday:

According to Shahrnevesht, Shahid Bakeri 7.6-km Highway is one of the main north-south routes in west of the capital city Tehran which is connected to Tehran-Karaj Highway with four bridges. Recently, two of the four bridges became operational. Opening of the remaining two bridges would complete the total connection routes. 

Shahid Bakeri Highway has seven unleveled intersections some of which connect the highway to the most significant east-west traffic routes. The unleveled intersection on Shahid Bakeri Highway with Tehran-Karaj Highway is the last chain connecting this highway to the east-west routes in Tehran and completes the role it plays in traffic.

Maziyar Hosseini, Technical and Development Deputy of Tehran Municipality says: "These series of bridges with their 90 degrees bend are among beautiful bridges in Tehran and this axis is one of the most incoming routes to Tehran. This specification is not considered as distinctive architectural character. These traffic structures have been built with a radius of 90 degrees and a free mouth of 96 meters that the widest mouth implemented in the world is 85 m. On the other hand, the elegance of the decks and the minimum radius of the arcs have further added to the beauty of the structures.

Bridges of the intersections on Shahid Bakeri Highway with Tehran-Karaj Highway plays the role of a proper incoming and outgoing point for the western area of the capital city. 





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