“One Tehran, One Javadiyeh Bridge”

  2011 August 09 Tuesday:

Shahr reported that the new Javadiyeh bridge was inaugurated on Saturday, November 13, 2010, through a ceremony attended by Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. The bridge is inspired by rail switch and most of calculations and design has been done by domestic experts. The middle section of the bridge is 126 m, its northern mouth is 30 m and its southern mouth is 84 m, totaling 210 m. Technology used to build the bridge is quite different from other bridges in the country.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the mayor noted that Javadiyeh bridge was symbol of self-confidence of the Iranian engineers and proved that domestic experts are capable enough to carry out major projects like Javadiyeh bridge or Tohid Tunnel. He noted that BRT lines will be added to their feats in the near future.
Shock transmitters have been devised in Javadiyeh bridge to make it resistant to earthquakes and it can withstand seismic shifts of up to 30 cm. When the force is bigger, the bridge will be locked and the pressure is transmitted to pillars.
Maziyar Hosseini, Tehran deputy mayor for technical and developmental affairs, announced that foundation of the bridge is 50 m deep in the grounds and special design has been considered for the bridge. In addition, mechanisms have been worked out to make it resistant to strong winds and earthquakes and its construction has cost about 40 billion tomans.
Inhabitants of Javadiyeh took part in the inauguration celebration of the bridge during which Tehran Municipality apologized to them for the inconvenience that construction operations had caused them.






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