A Tesla in Tehran

  2017 June 10 Saturday:

A Swiss couple has got to use the Tesla Model S 85 (85 kWh) in the Shahrak Qarb neighborhood of the capital city, which is the first driverless car experience in Iran.

A Swiss couple Magdalena and Benedikt, traveling across Europe and West Asia, are attempting to demonstrate that electric cars are a viable alternative to gasoline-fuelled vehicles.

The area was an ideal location to test the vehicle. Designed in the early 1970s it has large boulevards and plenty of space for drivers.

Tesla as one of the first all-electric car companies also has bigger plans to reduce the accident rate on the world's roads. The firm's in-house technology called 'Auto-Pilot' allows drivers to hand over command of the vehicle to a prescient artificial intelligence within the car's dashboard – albeit when the road is suitable with road markings.

With that in mind earlier this week, they arrived in Tehran to promote the concept of non-polluting driving, and where top auto companies like Iran Khodro may hopefully one day venture into in terms of their technology.





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