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  2021 December 22 Wednesday:

"Tehran Inclusive Cycling Program" is a comprehensive program to facilitate cycling in Tehran, which is one of the measures of the Deputy of Transportation and Traffic of Tehran Municipality. This project aims to make Tehran a bicycle-oriented city. One of these activities is the "Car-Free Tuesdays" Campaign. Facilitating cycling for the elderly and women has also been one of the main and important goals of this project.

The various dimensions of this project are mentioned below.

The program has been developed to address the needs of older women and people with disabilities to create a barrier-free city for all.

Cycling has many physical and mental health benefits, such as improving body shape, losing weight, and helps maintain good mental and physical health. It is especially a good activity for older people who are often threatened with different illnesses caused by ageing. This initiative provides training courses for older women and people with disabilities as well as cycling equipment and safe roads to practice on. The aim of the program is to provide a safe environment and the right tools for participants to develop and maintain healthy habits.

Background and objectives

The Tehran Inclusive Cycling initiative is the first program in Iran to provide specialized training for older women and people with disabilities in urban cycling.


  • Improve social opportunities for older women and people with disabilities by establishing cycling groups and related programs
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Reduce the use of private cars by women in daily life
  • Increase the number of urban cyclists.


The implementation of this program will achieve the following:

  • Build self-confidence in course participants
  • Create independence and increase ability of people with disabilities
  • Create a positive view for the community towards these target groups
  • Encourage other groups and community members to use bicycles
  • Take a step towards social and equality for all sections of society
  • Increase the number of people with disabilities in cycling training courses over time
  • Promotion of the course in the city and on the internet
  • Create a database of people who are using this app, so there is an opportunity to create better services for their needs
  • Begin physical fitness exercises
  • Teach the theory of safety tips in urban cycling
  • Practical training in cycling skills
  • Assess the knowledge and skills of course participants
  • Build teams of participants
  • Conduct workshops and events
  • Encourage the use of bicycles in daily activities.

After completing the training course, a group for women formed a cycling group and participated in various programs and events.

Cyclists can record the amount of time they cycle and the length of their cycling routes in the Docharkheh (bicycle) application. This application is provided by the Transport and Traffic Organization of Tehran Municipality.

Results and impacts

  • Increase the ability of older women to form social groups.
  • Positive effect on changing the ehavior and attitude of families of people with disabilities towards the use of bicycles as a useful tool in urban transportation.
  • Expand the development of cycling as a clean transportation model.
  • Improving the physical and mental health of older women and people with disabilities.
  • Create self-esteem for older women and people with disabilities and their families.
  • After the training course, a number of women have abandoned private cars and use bicycles for commuter travel.




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