Sacred Defense Garden Museum Inaugurated

  2012 September 29 Saturday:

The opening ceremony of the Sacred Defense Garden Museum was attended by Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, Tehran Mayor Mohamamd Bagher Ghalibaf and some military and civil officials.

According to Tehran SAMA, Tehran Mayor Mohammad Ghalibaf told the participants at the ceremony: “We believe that the Sacred Defense Garden Museum is not a place only to display instruments and equipment of the defense period; rather this garden museum intends to display the divine and human values that prevailed during the Sacred Defense for the present generation."

The mayor added: “I thank all those who worked during these five years for building the Sacred Defense Garden Museum. Given the remarks of the Supreme Leader of the revolution who said Abbasabad heights should be turned into a cultural hub, one of the measures of the urban management has been to pay attention to this place. Centers such as Imam (RA) Complex and Mosalla, the Book Garden, the Sacred Defense Garden Museum, the Gold Museum, and a series of parks are all located on Abbasabad heights. We pray to the Almighty God that the Sacred Defense Garden Museum was completed. This cultural-recreational complex could serve as an axis for holding major cultural festivals at the Islamic global level.”





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