Revival of Persian Gardens in Tehran

  2012 October 13 Saturday:

Ali Mohammad Mokhtari, Managing director of Parks and Green Spaces Organization told Shahrnevesht: “Implementation of Iranian-Islamic architecture has been put on the agenda of the Municipality. Realization of this should be experienced in all cities as we are an Islamic country. The Parks and Green Spaces Organization will shape parks and green spaces in accordance with this pattern and in conformity with its agenda. Passages and buildings that are established in parks as libraries or mosques all would take shape according to this pattern in order to take advantage of the beauties of Iranian-Islamic architecture. The example of this work is the Persian Garden which has been established and indicates that we are using Iranian-Islamic architecture in construction of our buildings.”

Mokhtari further remarked: “As an example the Persian Garden with an area of ​​some 3.4 hectares is located on north Sheikh Bahai Street in District 3 and has been designed in accordance with Persian garden pattern. This garden park has two main entrances with two beautiful facades on the eastern and western sides and two other gates on the southern and southwestern sides. In reconstruction of the park passages have been made for the disabled. In total, 2.5 hectares of the park has been dedicated to green area and its old trees have been preserved.”

According to the report, the first miniature park of the country is under construction in an area of ​​3 hectares in District 8 of Tehran. This garden park is a place to show culture, history and the past of Iran and in a smaller scale puts the monuments and cultural heritage of Iran which has been registered internationally. Small-scale examples of the ziggurat, Imam Square in Isfahan, Bam Citadel, Persepolis, Pasargadae, Takht-e Soleiman, Tabriz Bazaar, Bisotun, the Armenian Church in Azarbaijan, the tomb of Sheikh Safi, Soltanieh Dome and Shushtar waterfalls have been put on display in this garden.





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