List of Tehran Municipality e-Services

Main Title (Service ID) Sub-services Title

Responding and handling citizens' complaints in the field of municipal services (10012643000)

1- 137 Call Center and Website

2- 1888 Call Center and Website

3- My Tehran Website and Application (mobile applications)

4- Public Meeting Website

Rules and regulations of urban planning and architecture (10012644000)

1- Tehran Municipality Laws and Regulations Website

Organizing troublesome urban occupations and agricultural and livestock products (12062645000)

1- Organizing the industries and occupations

2- Organizing the market (organizing vendors)

3- Monitoring the performance of fruit and vegetable market

Livestock Supply Website

Fruit and vegetable market website

Vegetable Market Electronic Auction Website

Price list in the fruit and vegetable market

My Tehran app (information on fruit and vegetable markets)

License issuance to install antennas for mobile operators (13062646000)

1- City joint communication website

Urban Traffic Control and Management (12012647000)

1- Providing urban camera footage to citizens

2- Sending traffic messages to citizens

Sending SMS via 13700000

IVR in 137 call centers

Notifications in My Tehran ‌application

Traffic notification on VMS boards

Nedaye Traffic Website

Website of Traffic Control Company

3- Culturalization of urban traffic rules

Bicycle Website

Bicycle app

My Tehran website

My Tehran app

Schedule of buses and late-night services

Deputy Minister of Traffic and Transportation (bus route map)

BIS app

Raya app


4- Coordinating with the executive bodies during urban traffic accidents

Tehran Municipality Fire Fighting Website

5- Directing urban traffic

My Tehran website (traffic plan marginal parking reservation)

Debt payment of traffic plan (calculation of tolls in restricted areas)

6- Reporting urban driving violations to the police

Providing urban public transport services (13052648000)

1- Providing and maintaining urban public transport infrastructure

Metro Tender Auction (requires link correction)

Bus Tender Auction (requires link correction)

2- Providing infrastructure for the establishment of clean transportation in the city

Trip planning, stations, ticket prices, Tehran metro map

Specifications and general schedule of metro lines

Lost and found

Raya app - Tehran routing map

Metro station complexes

Routes and address of bicycle stations

Discount for traffic plan to hybrid vehicles

3- Issuing licenses for freight and passenger transport companies

Baraneh Website

4- Issuing operate license for goods and passenger transport fleet in the city

Baraneh Website

5- Issuing employment licenses for drivers of goods and passenger transport fleets in the city

Baraneh Website

6- Construction of bus terminal in the city

Tehran Municipality Bus Organization Website

7- Renovation of urban transport fleet

Tehran Municipality Bus Organization Website

8- Issuing ID cards for city bus drivers to government offices and organizations

Tehran Municipality Bus Organization Website


9- Issuance of taxi ownership transfer license

Sima Taxi Website

10- Issuing a license to transfer taxi concession

Sima Taxi Website

11- Monitoring car technical inspection centers

Central Technical Inspection Headquarters


Car technical inspection arrangement website

My Tehran app

12- Providing welfare services to passengers in inner and outer city terminals

Subway train schedule

Stations, metro map, metro ticket price

Planning a trip by metro

Specifications and general schedule of metro lines

Metro and bus lost and found website

Buying one-way metro ticket and recharging electronic ticket card

Buying electronic ticket cards (discounted, long-term and special users)

BRT and subway routes guide

13- Inquiry about taxi fare

Sima Taxi Website

14- Car Taxes Payment

My Tehran Website and app

Coordination and supervision of civil affairs of cities with more than 500 thousand people (10012649000)

1- 137 and 1888 Comments and Violation Registration Website

Providing services for cemeteries (10062650000)

1- Burial and Interment

Searching deceased and graves

Search for the deceased

Online funeral services

2- Graves purchase

Mobile manager program

Issuance of activity license for municipal offices (13012651000)

1- City Technologists Institute (Supervisor of Electronic Services Offices of Tehran Municipality)

2- Executive regulations of electronic service offices (link to be amended)

Issuance of construction permits and certificates (13042652000)

1- Issuing building permits

2- Issuing building no-violation certificate

3- Issuance of building construction certificate


4- Inquiring the building permit and urban planning record

Inquiry for building permit and certificate

Inquiry for building permit and certificate

Viewing urban planning record

Urban construction monitoring (13042653000)

`Urban Planning Website

Land-use change permission (13042654000)

Urban Planning Website

Issuance of licenses for separation and consolidation of urban properties (13042655000)

Urban Planning Website

Answers urban planning inquiries in the municipality (10012656000)

1- Validation of property identification number

2- Status of the urban planning file

Providing urban public space services (14062657000)

1- Construction of public spaces in the city

Parks Organization website

Map of Tehran 137 and 188 should be added

International Exhibition of Flowers and Plants

2- Urban redevelopment of worn-out structures and public spaces

Urban Renewal Organization Website

Detailed plan inquiry - link to be modified

Recording information of valuable buildings

3- Maintenance of green spaces and street furniture

The Parks Organization website and 137

4- Development of water supply network for public spaces of the city

Aqueduct map of Tehran, Crisis Prevention and Management Organization and 137

5- Investigating reports of cutting down green trees in the city

Handling public reports and 137

6- Permission to cut down green trees in the city and 137

7- Providing playground equipment and 137

8- Construction of urban green spaces and 137

Issuance of excavation permits in the city (14062658000)

Excavation licensing website

Providing safety and rescue services in cities (12022659000)

1- Providing safety and firefighting services in cities

Website of the Fire Fighting Department - Tehran Municipality

My Tehran app (announcement of firefighting events especially for the deaf)


2- Issuance of building fire certificate

Secure license plate website

3- Dealing with Unnatural Disasters in cities

Quick alert system

4- Monitoring the implementation of fire safety regulations

Safe inspection and license plate monitoring website

Providing municipal waste management services (14012660000)

1- Recycling of municipal waste

Separation of valuable waste from the source: Jaroob mobile application

Separation of valuable waste from the source: Zarplus mobile application

Separation of valuable waste from the source: Kapzi mobile application

2- Waste collection from health centers

Medical waste management

3- Collection of household waste

Waste reduction plan (KAP)

4- Collection of construction waste in the city

Construction waste management

5. Registration of non-governmental organizations / charities / CSR

Samat website

Prevention and elimination of urban violations (10012661000)

Comments and Violation Registration websites of 137 and 1888

Naming urban thoroughfares (10012662000)

Comments and Violation Registration websites of 137 and 1888

Collecting vermin in the city (12062663000)

Comments and Violation Registration websites of 137 and 1888

Providing cultural, sports, and social services (17062664000)

1- Shokufa Centers Festival


2- Organizing cultural, social, and tourism events in the city

Spatial information of sports centers

Digital library

3- Supporting development projects, works of art, and top talents in the city

Online scheduling of medical centers

4- Providing citizenship education services (in production)

City Learning Website (Comprehensive Citizenship Education System)


5- Organizing intra-city touring camps

6- Establishment of urban health station

7- Equipping and maintaining the city's sports complexes

8- Selling sports services to citizens

9- Registration of sports coaches

10- Issuing permits for organizing cultural and sports ceremonies in municipal places

11- Comprehensive tourism website

12- Tehran map

13- Tehran Ticket (Buying tickets for Tehran recreational and historical places)

14- Tehran Map Museum

15- Tehran Plus (Citizenship Club of Tehran Municipality)

Implementation of participatory urban development projects (15022665000)

1- Neighborhood-based project (implemented in my Tehran website)

2- Website of the real estate review commission, paragraph 6 of Article 55

3- Tehran Neighborhood Management Website

4- Tehran Neighborhoods Dashboard

5- Citizens' participation website and utilization of cooperation advantages

6- 1888 system and map of Tehran

Supporting urban management dissertations, plans and ideas (10052666000)

Research Website (Pajooheshyar)

Issuance of citizenship card (10012667000)

Registration and purchase website for one-year ticket cards, status, and special social groups